Foxnet offers www-stuff, mainly WordPress related websites.

We provide websites to companies, communities and individuals. We use WordPress to create something interesting. We can hit you with demo before final decision.

We create websites as you want them. We can do static websites also if you insist. Just let us know what you want and we see what we can do. You can contact from this page.

We trust Hybrid or DevPress for creating new websites. As a user good points are

  • SEO
  • Themes are all free
  • Hybrid uses latest properties of WordPress
  • Themes doesn’t have millions of theme options
  • All you have to do is write content

Hybrid CoreWe use Hybrid Core to create new themes. As a developer good points are

  • Hybrid Core is made by Justin Tadlock, who is awesome WP dude
  • You decide what properties to include
  • Add properties with one line of code
  • breadcrumbs, clever thumbnail, pagination, sidebars etc.
  • Amazing support forum