New WordPress Theme: Path

I’m happy to announce new Theme named Path. It’s hosted in themehybrid.com and I hope it will soon be in wordpress.org also.

I’m happy to announce new Theme named Path. It’s hosted in themehybrid.com and it’s also in wordpress.org. Atleast Brian (@Krogsgard) likes it:

Path Theme

Here is some copy-paste text from readme.html so you get the idea what this theme is about.


Path is built on Hybrid Core framework. I can’t thank enough Justin Tadlock who has created it. This theme rolemodel is My Life theme, so check out all the Hybrid Themes.

  • Per-post layouts which means that you can choose one, two or three column layout. Content on the left, right or center.
  • Post setting that allows you to add a custom stylesheet for individual posts.
  • A smart breadcrumb system.
  • Built-in pagination.
  • Post thumbnails that work with WordPress featured image functionality and provide extra features.
  • Multiple sidebars areas: Primary, Secondary, Subsidiary, Before Content and After Singular.
  • Dynamic body, post, and comment CSS classes.
  • Fully internationalized, so you can translate the theme in any language. You should place your translations files to child theme languages folder.
  • Built-in WordPress menu system. There are three menus in the theme: Primary, Secondary and Subsidiary.
  • Context-aware action and filter hooks.
  • Some of the most-used filter hooks are shortcode-ready and have accompanying shortcodes.
  • Theme settings page (Appearance »» Theme Settings) that allows you to add footer text and set global layout.
  • Set logo under Appearance »» Header.
  • Set background under Appearance »» Background.
  • Ability to create custom templates for any post type in multiple ways.
  • Highly-configurable widgets that give you full control over their display.
  • Widget areas are content-aware, meaning that they only appear if they contain active widgets.
  • Support for Post Formats.
  • Theme was designed with Mobile First attitude. It uses so called footer menus for ”mobile” devices, Respond.js for legacy browsers and Fit Vids for videos.

Child themes

Path is a parent theme, so create a child theme for any customizations. You can download blank child theme from here. This is how you would do your child theme but I prefer just download the blank one and start form there.

  • Create a theme folder in your /wp-content/themes directory called path-child.
  • After that create a style.css file in /wp-content/themes/path-child folder.
  • At the top of your style.css file, add the below information.
 * Theme Name: Path Child
 * Theme URI: http://link-to-your-site.com
 * Description: Describe your child theme.
 * Version: 0.1
 * Author: Your Name
 * Author URI: http://link-to-your-site.com
 * Tags: Some, Tags
 * Template: path

After that you might want to import all the styles from parent theme.

@import url( '../path/style.css' );

/* Custom code goes below here. */

This is officially-supported way of modifying themes in WordPress.

If you want to use media queries in child theme and support them in browsers like IE7 and IE8,
you should copy and paste css rules from parent theme style.css to child theme style.css and remove line @import url( '../path/style.css' );

Remember to change all the url like this.
background: url(../path/images/menu-plus.png) no-repeat 0 0;

Supported plugins

Co-Authors Plus

Theme is designed for multi-author blogging or magazine style websites. Theme filters byline so that all authors are displayed if Co-Authors Plus is installed. And theme also adds author metabox under every article, displaying all authors. You can also add Twitter username in user profile.

Smart Archives Reloaded

If Smart Archives Reloaded is installed and active, it automatically do its magic in Archives page template.

Social Path

If Social Path is installed and active, you can share your posts on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Plugin adds these buttons after singular post.

Gravity Forms

Path includes base CSS for Gravity Forms plugin. CSS can be found in the middle of the style.css.

Theme Settings (Appearance »» Theme Settings)

Set logo

Set logo under Appearance »» Header. Suggested logo size is 300 x 99 (in pixels). Image size is flexible so you can try different image size. Theme is using Header images only for logo, not header images. Of course you can remove default logo and Blog name will be displayed.

Set background

Set background under Appearance »» Background.

Change default layout

Path theme has two column layout by default, content on the left and sidebar on the right. You can change this default layout under Appearance »» Theme Settings. You can overwrite this in post
editor by choosing layout for that certain post:

  • Default
  • One Column
  • Two Columns, Left (theme default)
  • Two Columns, Right
  • Three Columns, Left
  • Three Columns, Right
  • Three Columns, Center

Footer text

You can change Footer text in Footer Settings metabox.

Theme customize

You can also customize theme in live preview using WordPress customize. Check it out under Appearance »» Customize. It’s pretty cool.

Page Templates

There are several page templates in this theme. They are located in page-templates folder. If you need to overwrite page templates in a child theme, create subfolder page-templates in child theme and copy certain page template in that folder and start modifying.

  • Archives (archives.php): this page template automatically work with Smart Archives Reloaded Plugin. If it’s not active, you’re still covered with some basic archive stuff.
  • Authors (authors.php): displays all the authors who have capability to publish or edit posts or pages.
  • Most Popular (most-popular.php): displays most read articles in all time.
  • Most Popular by comment (most-popular-by-comments.php): displays most commented articles in all time.
  • Most Popular by month (most-popular-by-month.php): displays most read articles in current month and year.
  • Most Popular by year (most-popular-by-year.php): displays most read articles in current year.
  • Most Popular last 30 days (most-popular-last-30-days-php): displays most read articles in last 30 days.
  • Slider (path-slider.php): Displays Sticky Posts in a slider and some more articles after that. So remember to use some Sticky Posts to see slider activated. Theme is using FlexSlider.
  • Tag Cloud (tag-cloud.php): Displays Tag Cloud.


Path uses FlexSlider in Slider page template and in home page. Only sticky posts are shown in Slider, so if you want to see it in action you need to use some sticky posts. Recommended image size is 660 x 300 (in pixels). It’s safe to use WordPress featured image as slider image but it’s not necessary if you have attached images in posts. It graps the first one automatically. get_the_image extension is used to do all the magic.

I hope you enjoy Path Theme as much I do. Cheers!

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Have will have several static pages on this site and want to remove the ”title” out of the page. Where can I do that in this theme?

You add pages under Pages >> Add new. And you can add them in menus under Appearance >> Menus.

Theme is hosted in Theme Hybrid community and there is official support forum. It’s not free but it’s the best support forum you can get.

This is a great theme! thanks so much!
1. How to I remove ”You are here: Home ∼ …” and the whole comments section from the default page templete (not sure which template the default page template refers to)
2. How do I change the width of the whole theme. I would like for it to be a bit smaller.
Again thanks so much!


But Path theme is official supported at Theme Hybrid Community. Support is not free, but it’s the best you can get.

There is also wordpress.org forum where somebody might pick up your question.

I hope I don’t sound rude, but for me it’s impossible to give support via email or in comments.

Sami, thanks for a great theme. I’ve found what looks like a bug in the FlexSlider code. If you look at my site you will see that the 3rd sticky story in the slider hitches the page size down, which I find annoying. I was trying to find a way to limit the height to 200px, but cannot. Then, while using the DOM inspector, I found that the page code is cutting on a class declaration. The first screenshot shows the first item in the slider and the second one… the second 🙂


I don’t see anything wrong there if you haven’t changed flexslider css. But third image dimensions are 639px × 300px, try 660px × 300px like the rest of sticky pictures.

I also recommed using excerpt meta-box to write your own, short excerpt. That way you can control how much there are gonna be text in the slider.

Ilike the path theme but the links widget is gone. I install a different theme and it is there but not with the pathe theme. Any suggestions?


There is Bookmarks Widget, which means links. In overall theme (Hybrid Core) modifies default WP Widgets to make them better.

Thank you for the WP Template that allows not only logo, background photo, and customizable footer with an additional logo but translation ready as well! The only draw back is that the navigation menu and the ”You are here” seems unnecessary. Over all I love the template and found it to be the best one available on WordPress.

Great job.


You don’t have to use any of navigation menu if you don’t want and layout is still gonna work. And you can disable breadcrumb (meaning You are here part) if you want in your child theme. So pretty much everything is taken care of:)

Hi there,
This feels like a really dumb question but how do I change the header so it says my blog title instead of ”PATH”? I just switched my already established blog over to this theme as I wasn’t digging the last one so much and now I am lost. Instead of my headers reading, ”YogiMommi”, with sub header ”Bloom where you’re planted” It says ”PATH”, ”Bloom where your planted…”

Please help!

Great theme… love it. One question, I have the default layout set to Two columns, Left. This is how I want my main page to display. However, I want all pages and individual post pages to be One Column. Right now, I set each as I post them. But using features like post by email, etc would go to the Default. Is there a way to change the default setting without changing the way the homepage works?

Yo! Great theme, but the slider is not showing the images…in slider!??!? There is title of post and excerpt..everything is ok…only images are not displayed? Any idea? Thanks, W

Sorry… i had installed some plugin Get Image… that was the reason…why images didnt worked…now everything is ok. Enjoy…!!!

It is really wonderful theme. But I couldnt manage to activate sliding. Could you help me pls?

Please ask support questions in support forums.

But in overall any plugin should work with the theme.

Hi. I can’t seem to add any more menu? There are 3 menu locations, but there are also NOT more than 3 menus which can appear on the site. How can I add 2 or 3 menus for the secondary menu location, for example?

Treasure your great help!

Hi Sam, and btw you did a great job with this theme, love it ! I have only one question for you : can you please tell me how can i make the featured image appear on the main page of this theme ( only there ) ? Thanks, hope you will help me.

Hi Sami!

I have a problem with Path theme. I downloaded the theme and I instaled it in wordpress but when I sticky the posts, the slider doesn’t appear. What can I do? I am a newbie. Sorry and thank you!

Great theme, thanks a lot!!
I done some changes to have a staitc home page with the slider and e news pag ewithout the slider.

I’ve 1 problem with this news page it only shows static posts. But cannot find where this done. The template of this page is the unchanged index.php of the theme. In a child theme I just used the remove_action( ’wp_enqueue_scripts’, ’path_scripts’ ); in my child theme.

thanks for the path theme great job!

one question….how or where do i change the size/ color of the blue custom header # site description tried with firebug it showed and changed…color and size..nearly did it…but there was no where to paste my css code in the theme settings?..

can you help please?

Just like to say this theme is awesome. I have it working fine without any problems at all. Take a look at it fully working in all its glory here: Adonis Fitness. Like someone already said, this is better than some paid themes!!
Thank you for your fantastic efforts.

Thanks!. Your site looks good. But my paid themes are better:)

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